Furious Pixel Trophy

@ Pixels of Fury, Hosted by AIGA and Shutterstock

Pixels of Fury is a live design competition in which contestants have 20 minutes to design an inspirational poster on a topic of their choice. After coming in first against two contestants in the first round, I competed against the winner of the second round where we were again given 20 minutes to design a poster. During the second round we switched topics and worked to design our competitor’s concept in a new way. The full video and blog post can be found here.


AIGA Best of the Student Design Community: New Voices, Unique Visions

@ Endicott College, Hosted by AIGA

New Voices, Unique Visions is a student design competition aimed at showcasing the best student designers from renown colleges and universities in New England.


Life Through My Lens: A Glimpse

@ Gallery 360, Northeastern University

In order to document my travels while studying at Northeastern, I kept a camera by my side to capture fleeting moments I observed. Over time, photography grew in importance to me, inspiring the creation of a collaborative photography website, The Photography League. Here is a glimpse into a few such moments and a chance to look at the world through my lens.


Explore Your Craft: Featured Artist

@ Faneuil Hall, Hosted by Widmer Brothers Brewing and DRAFT

I participated as the featured artist in the live Explore Your Craft event, a pairing of beers with food, music and art.